Denver senior pictures-Natalie-Arapahoe High School

Check out these beautiful Denver senior pictures we got of Natalie from Arapahoe High School. Natalie & her sister have both been senior model reps for our studio. Her sister Hannah participated in our Denver Clock Tower styled session which was an amazing shoot. You can see Hannah’s senior photos from two years ago here:

Denver senior pictures
Check out the interview of Natalie throughout this post.
Looking forward to the most your senior year
I look forward to being apart of Wild Warrior Women, which is the all the senior girls. We organize events and get to be apart of special activities.
This summer I am looking forward to:
I am looking forward going to a Young Life camp in Minnesota. Young Life is a group of christian teens that meet up throughout the year. I love it and can’t wait for whats to come.
Favorite thing to do in Colorado
Favorite thing to do in Colorado is to have a little mini vacation in Vail. I love the town, hiking, and activities the mountains offer.
Something friends/people might not know about me
Something my friends know about me is I moved here from Orange County, California three years ago.
Denver senior pictures
Denver senior pictures
Your favorite memory growing up
My favorite memory growing up would be running around my neighborhood with my best friend, neighbor, and my older sister.
Your dream vacation
My dream vacation would to travel around Europe. I’ve never been out of the country and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to do so.
Your proudest moment 
My proudest moment is when I made A -league at a swim meet in a race I liked the least.
Your biggest struggle
My biggest struggle would be getting situated at Arapahoe High School after my move from California.
Best Denver senior pictures
Boulder senior pictures
When I grow up I want to be
When I grow up I’d like to be a fashion buyer for a high end brand.
If I won the lottery I would: 
I would go on a mission trip, donate to an organization, and save the rest for college expenses.
What would you like to change about school
I would like to change the fact you need to take certain, unnecessary electives in order to graduate.
What is your favorite thing about school
I love taking art classes at my high school. It allows me to relax and have fun.
Denver senior pictures
What is your favorite tradition with your family or friends
My favorite tradition is having big family dinners just for fun. Having all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents together really reminds me how lucky I am.
Favorite musical artist
I love Taylor Swift!!
First  or favorite concert experience and why
My favorite concert experience were the two Taylor Swift concerts I’ve been to. I enjoyed them so much because I knew all the songs by heart and her performance was incredible.
Favorite places to shop
I like to shop at Urban Outfitters and any cute boutiques.
Your jam song and why
I love the song T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett because it’s just so fun to sing at the top of your lungs to.
Favorite movies
I love Pirates of the Caribbean because I love Johnny Depp as an actor.
Your list of possible colleges and your major
I would love to attend Cal Poly, Loyola Marymount University, or University of Colorado Boulder. I would like to major in business finance.

Senior pictures

Beautiful Denver senior pictures


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