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Senior Portraits Denver | Jada

Senior portraits in Denver


Check out Jada’s senior portraits in Denver. Jada is a senior model rep for Roka Studios and attends Denver School of the Arts. Check out her photos and interview below.

Going into my senior year, I feel an entire rainbow of emotion. But I’m so excited to see what’s next. Audition and applying and visiting colleges makes me so excited to see what the next adventure will be!

 This Sumer I’m looking forward to some Colorado sunshine…hopefully! I’m a girl who loves some warm weather, so let’s all hope Colorado comes together for some warm summer days!

 Picking my favorite thing to do in Colorado is a hard one! I love to grab some lunch with friends or family and walk downtown when the weather is nice! Colorado also has some pretty rad coffee shops that are always nice to stop by either to get some alone time or spend time with friends!

 A lot of people know my love performing, but something some might not know about me is that I have another passion for politics and community service. Not only do I want a degree in something within the performance realm but also something like political science, sociology, or urban planning.


senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

 I have a lot of good memories to choose from. My family loves to road trip, and we would take trips to see my family in Canada. Riding in the car with  two brothers for an extended period of time, was not the highlight of those trips. But when I was 10 I got to fly into Canada all by myself to see my grandparents. Wow, did I have a blast!

 I would love to go to Africa! I would love to emerge myself in the African culture, and maybe stay within different villages. Not only am I in love with the African culture, I know of a lot of community work taking place that I think would be special to be a part of.

My proudest moment so far is being accepted into the Denver School of the Arts for my 6th grade year! As a young child I always loved performing and knew that DSA was somewhere I belonged. DSA has completely changed the course of my life and not only made me a better performer but a better student and community member. I couldn’t imaging the last 6 years of my life anywhere else.

 Well, I’d love to be a performer... Singing, acting just being onstage. Wether I’m performing Classical/Opera or musical theatre, I’ll just be happy to be onstage. Also, I want to be a community activist. Always fighting for the rights of others who maybe can’t fight for themselves or need support.

 My favorite Concert: I used to be a die hard belieber, you know an extreme fan of Justin Beiber. I knew everything about him… I even had a shrine to him in my closet! Honestly I was ridiculously obsessed. For my best friends birthday we bought tickets to see him. We were so excited, and our seats were great. Long story short, I was in love- thirteen year old girl love. I cried the entire show, it was a great night.


senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

Honestly I don’t think I can chose my favorite place to shop! I love shopping, any kind, anytime, any where! But randomly, I do love to go to Michael’s and think about art projects and buy gel pens. I LOVE gel pens.

If I won the lottery, I would do a few things. But importantly… I’d buy V.I.P meet and greets to see Beyonce. I absolutely am in love with her, and NEED to meet her. Also, I’d buy a plane, and travel the entire world. Immersing myself in so many other cultures would be amazing!

I love learning, looking at something you know nothing about and gaining understanding is awesome to me. School used to be about learning, about gaining knowledge and becoming a better, educated member of society. It seems the older you get the more school becomes less about learning and more about passing. So to me, that leaves us with a struggling school system. A thriving school system, does not base money on test scores because they aren’t stretched for money. Schools public and private alike should not be based on money. If we teach are students as if an education really is a privilege rather than a burden, a lot of students wouldn’t just graduate with a diploma but also a greater understanding of the world around them.

 My favorite part about school is the social aspect. I’m a very talkative social person and I love being around my friends and talking to new people everyday!

 My favorite family tradition is going to my grandmas on Christmas Eve! I have a huge extended family here in Colorado, and ever since I can remember we’ve all gone to my grandmas for Christmas Eve. We eat traditional Mexican food, play games, track Santa, and open presents. It’s pretty awesome.


senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

Picking my favorite musical artist is hard because I love so many different types of music. Some of my favorites are Drake, Chance the rapper, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu. I also LOVE musical theatre!

 My jam song is for sure Hol’ up from Beyonce’s new album “Lemonade”. Honestly it’s just a really good song with a really good beat, done by a really good artist. It’s the perfect package.

 Possible colleges that I’m looking at include: Roosevelt University in Chicago, California school of the Arts, San Francisco conservatory, the New School in New York City, and Howard University a HBC (historically black college) located in Washington D.C.  I’m definitely planning on studying something within the performance area. Either musical theatre, or classical voice. Not only do I want to study performance, but I want to double major in something around social science, and social politics. Wether it be political science, urban planning, or sociology.

 Three things I can’t live without include: – Family, friends, and Chipotle.


senior portraits in Denver

senior portraits in Denver

Douglas County High School Prom Photos are ready to download. Hope all of you had a great time at Wings over the Rockies for your prom. Thanks for letting Roka Studios be apart of it. Below is several photos from the prom.

 You can access and download any of the images HERE.












Ali, her mom and I had a great time at her senior session down in Denver. Ali came down to Roka Studios loft studio space for her senior portraits. Ali came prepared with some great outfits choices and a couple of new pairs of shoes for the session. Perfect choice of outfits for her session. At the end of the session we moved back and let her do her dancing that she is so passionate about. She is incredibly talented and I was blown away by all the moves, jumps, and poses she did. We got some great shots of her dancing. I will post her slideshow tomorrow so check back to see that.

If you are still looking to get your Loveland Senior Portraits done, call us now to set up an appointment. Time is running out and the fall leaves are a perfect time for some great senior portraits.

Had a blast with Sam and his mom for this session.Being a photographer and always wanting to get the shot, I believe …shoot first, ask later mentality. Well Sam and I climbed a fence or two to get some of these amazing shots on the grounds of an old run down abandoned mill. I met them at their house to start the session and saw the skateboard on the front porch, I asked Sam if he wanted portraits with his board. He replied with I don’t want the typically senior photos with me holding it. I told him that is not what I had in mind so to bring it and do some tricks with it for me. Turns out it was a good call cause we got some cool stuff on his board.  Check out the slideshow and a couple of my favorites.

If you are a senior at Skyline High School and still need your senior photos done, call Roka Studios at 303-702-1515